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The Academy is thankful to all of its volunteers, donors, and yummy treat bringers, but this week we want to give an extra big thanks to Max Levit as well as Ed Cosman for their generous donations!  THANK YOU, MAX and ED!!!

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Well, besides Fixin' breakfast and Opening leads, we also celebrated our wonderful friend, Utako Tomoedo who is unfortunately leaving us to return to Japan.  Not only is Utako a wonderful and friendly player, she is  incredibly magnanimous.  Utako wants the new club to succeed and left us with a donation.  THANK YOU, UTAKO!!  

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A Big Thank You to Rose Cullivan for her second and even more generous donation to our club.


The Academy's plans are to secure the needed working capital to open a 7 day a week club that caters to all bridge players with a priority of attracting new players to the game.  All donations are very much appreciated

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Did you see our new sign?!?!?  Thanks to our wonderful, volunteer welcomer, Kathy Pflueger, the Academy has an amazingly, welcoming sign to show you the way to the game!  Thanks, Kathy!!

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The Academy again is overwhelmed with the response and generosity of our players.  We want to give an extra big THANK YOU to Dr. Harry Price for his generous donation.  


Thanks to everyone who brings snacks and makes generous donations to the snacks funds.  Without you, we won't have a successful club!


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The Academy again has been blessed with more donations in addition to the wonderful treats brought each week.  This week the Academy would like to recognize Lorita Tipton and a generous anonymous donor.  We can't thank you enough for your generousity!!


While the Academy continues taking baby steps towards becoming a full service bridge club, donations of money, time, and abilities will be greatly needed and appreciated.

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The Academy wants to give a BIG THANK YOU to Ronnie Robins and Winkie Roper for their cash donation to our club.  Additionally, another round of applause to Rose Cullivan Hock for the cash donation.  


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